9 Cool Facts About Temple Bar

Any cool facts you know about Temple Bar?
Especially in between 1879 and 1980, we couldn’t find anything…
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  • 900 AD – The vikings love Temple Bar and set up their base camp here
  • 1627 – Sir William Temple loves it too and gives his name to Temple Bar Street
  • 1800 – Temple bar becomes a den of vice and prostitution in Dublin
  • 1819 – The Temple Bar Pub opens its doors!
  • 1879 – The Olympia Theatre is opened by well known (?) architect Dan Lowrey
  • 1980 – Threatened with demolition for a bus station project, it instead becomes a cultural hub in Dublin
  • 2006 – Temple Bar hosts the Trad Festival of Irish Music and Culture since 2006
  • 2011 – Dave Browne’s 5 day guitar-playing marathon in the Temple Bar pub becomes a World Guinness Record!
  • 2015 – The first Rock’n Roll museum opens in Temple Bar


9 Cool facts about Temple Bar